Pipi Dollys.

Our History

Christiane Costa, a public server from Porto Alegre, suddenly saw her life be radically changed after the April 25th in 1999. This was the day that her little dog entered her house, named in its original kennel as Dolly Poppy of Royal Windsor.

O sucesso da invenção fez com que a empresária passasse a comercializar o produto.

Our History

At the same time, Dolly – definite as a kind of “cotton stuffing” – brought happiness for all but also the same problems that these new family members usually bring: pee on rugs and paw steps all over the house floor, among other little matters.

Extremely practical woman, Christiane went after a quick answer:
she visited, without any success, the biggest pet shops in Porto Alegre looking for a product to solve the problems.

Searches by friends in the biggest Brazilian capitals had also no result. She left to Europe and the United States with the same goal, with no result – the amazing product that could save her rugs simply did not exist. From that on, she decided to create a toilet for dogs that, after many nights awake and many tries, finally became the so dreamed product named PipiDolly’s after her bichón frise.

Our History